•    If I have a problem after hours or during the weekend, can you be contacted?

Yes we are available after hours and on weekends to answer any questions you may have. We can be contacted at 506-955-2290.

•    What type of information will I need when requesting a quote?

Type of event, event location, event date, number of people attending your event, and type of accessories needed are all good information to have, but they are not obligated when requesting a quote or general pricing information.

•    What is included in your tent rental prices? Do the prices include sidewalls?

Our tent rental pricing includes setup, take down and window sidewalls. Prices do not include lighting. Delivery charges may also apply depending on the location of your event.

•    What is the best way to proceed if I want to book a tent and accessories?

The best course of action is to contact us by phone (506-863-4649) or by email (info@mrtentrentals.com). Once we have established contact, we can schedule an on site visit if needed.

•    How long in advance should I book my tent and accessories?

Bookings are on a first come, first serve basis. We do have an inventory of tents and accessories, but the sooner you can let us know of your intentions, the better it is.

•    Do you require a deposit on bookings and if so how much?

Yes, a 25% deposit is required in order to formally reserve all the items. The remaining balance is due prior to setup. If you make modifications to your order after sending your deposit, we will apply the changes to the owing balance.

•    What type of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card, cheques, and cash.

•    Can I make changes to my order as we get closer to my reception?

You may make changes right up until the day before the scheduled setup.

•    How long do I get to keep my rental items?

We normally allow clients to keep the items 3 – 4 days. Setup usually takes place a few days prior to your event, and take down is a few days after your event. This is something we can discuss further in the booking process, but be assured that we will make every effort to proceed in a way that is convenient for you.

•    Do I need to be present while you are setting up?

No but it is recommended that someone does meet us on site before we start setting up. If we have visited the site prior to setting up, you do not need to be present.

•    What happens if items are damaged or missing?

If items are damage or misplaced during your reservation, you will be responsible to pay the replacement fee of the damaged or missing items.

•    Will I require a permit when renting a tent?

Depending on where we are setting up, permits are sometimes required. When inquiring about our tent rentals, we will be able to assist you if needed.

•    How big a tent should you rent?

The size of tent you will require depends on what will be taking place inside the tent. When contacting us, we will be able to recommend different options that will meet your required needs.

•    Are you able to anchor tents on solid ground, such as asphalt?

Yes we are equipped to anchor tents on asphalt surfaces. If a tent needs to be set up on asphalt, we recommend a site visit prior to setup.

•    How much power is required for the lighting?

Regular power outlets are sufficient.

•    What if I have concerns about the location I have chosen?

If you have concerns, we ask that you contact us and we will schedule an on site visit of your location. On site visits are free and they do not obligate you to book with our company.



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